Tiger Woods greets Steve DiMeglio Photo Credit: PGA Tour

Tiger Woods and other PGA golfers are all aware of veteran golf writer Steve DiMeglio’s battle with cancer and they have showered him with love in the past year.

Woods showed just what that love and respect looks like during an emotional moment Tuesday at Woods’ Hero World Challenge tournament in The Bahamas.

The golf legend warmly embraced DiMeglio, and then the two chatted.

DiMeglio said it felt great to be back at the golf course.

“First time I’d seen Tiger in 16 months,” DiMeglio said. “Great to see him and the other players. Good for the spirits.”

A senior writer for Golfweek and USA Today, DiMeglio is battling Stage 4 liver and rectum cancer, which he was diagnosed with in mid-2022. The writer who once traveled to almost two-dozen golf tournaments a year has been on disability since September 2022 and is often confined to his residence by fatigue.

DiMeglio shared his regrets in a Golfweek/USA Today story in March, when he made another rare appearance, at the Players Championship.

“I miss the guys, I miss talking on the [golf] range, I miss all the socializing in the media center,” DiMeglio said. “I don’t miss looking at a blank screen on deadline.”

Woods made it clear Tuesday the PGA Tour stars miss DiMeglio.

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