The trailer for Nickelodeon’s upcoming Slime Cup golf competition offers just about exactly what you would hope for in a Nickelodeon golf competition.

Whether that’s Justin Thomas teeing off from a bowl of dog food wearing a ridiculous outfit or Jon Rahm not only swinging with a disjointed golf club but also being interrupted with an air horn, the thirty-second teaser trailer released today had plenty of golf-related whimsy. And plenty of slime.

Obviously some of the overall aesthetic borrows from the Nick simulcast of NFL playoff games the past few years. Unlike those games, though, this is obviously a self-contained production, featuring actual pro athletes (from golf and the NFL) alongside adult celebrities and Nickelodeon stars.

That means rather than virtual slime raining down on competitors, we’ll get actual slime raining down on competitors.

The teams, thanks to a report from

The will be four teams that will compete in a two-round tournament. The Green Team features professional golfer Collin Morikawa, actor and host Terry Crews, and Nickelodeon star Jaidyn Triplett. The Pink Team features professional golfer Justin Thomas, WWE Superstar Nikki Bella and Nickelodeon star Isaiah Crews. The Red Team features professional golfer Jon Rahm, NFL star Justin Herbert and Nickelodeon star Kate Godfrey. And the Orange Team features Lexi Thompson, NFL superstar Saquon Barkley and Nickelodeon star Tyler Wladis.

Listen, we might be as jaded as possible when it comes to sports media and entertainment. But if a day ever comes where we don’t smile at the site of Jon Rahm in a SpongeBob costume, it’ll be a very sad day indeed.

The Slime Cup will premiere on June 25th, putting it the week after the men’s U.S. Open in the world of real golf. Which means Colin Morikawa, Justin Thomas, and Jon Rahm could be going for two prestigious wins in a row.

(Yes, we know the Slime Cup is pretaped, just let the joke work.)

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