Golf events can be fun to attend in person, but one thing you admittedly lose is a sense of what’s happening all over the course.

It’s a different sport, in that way, more akin to, say, attending a Formula 1 race or other event where the track is so sprawling you can’t actually see all of the action at once. The Score (yes, that The Score) is offering a unique way around this problem at the upcoming RBC Canadian Open: hoisting people way up high in a giant box.

Seriously, that’s the plan. Look at this thing:

Essentially, it’s combining a fair ride with eating and drinking at a table, while also above a golf tournament. It’s impossibly silly, and has the potential for plenty of mishaps. In other words: it’s amazing.

Here’s more from the official release, which notes that people will only be able to stay up there for thirty minutes at a time:

theScore Bet Skyline Seats Details:

  • The experience opens on Thursday, June 9 at 9:00 AM.

  • Patrons will have the opportunity to secure Skyline Seats spots by visiting theScore Bet’s on-course activations, including the BET MODE Putting Challenge and theScore Bet Members Lounge.  

  • The seating structure hosts 22 people, who will be harnessed into their seats.

  • The experience in the sky is 30 minutes with additional time allotted for embarking and disembarking. Food and beverage is included in the experience.

Oh, yes. This is going to go off perfectly, and not once will someone drop a drink. Also, it has to be said, look at the renderings here. Are there really going to be staff walking around on a suspended platform while (eating and drinking) guests dangle over nothing strapped into some chairs?

Just incredible. All for the kind of attention we’re throwing it with this post, even, too. So, hey, good work to everyone over at theScore. This is exactly the kind of carnival atmosphere golf could use.


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