A @FanaticsSupport tweet at @DrawPlayDave about pants. A @FanaticsSupport tweet at @DrawPlayDave about pants. (@DrawPlayDave on X/Twitter.)

There are many strange dimensions to the arrest of world No. 1 golfer Scottie Scheffler Friday ahead of his PGA Championship tee time. One of those comes from the arrest report, which in addition to outlining the injuries Scheffler supposedly inflicted on a police detective, discusses how the detective’s pants (valued at $80!) were “damaged beyond repair”:

The pants note there in particular led to a lot of commentary. Here’s some of that:

Perhaps the funniest thing here came when people invoked the recent issues with Nike-designed, Fanatics-manufactured MLB uniforms. And a joke there from cartoonist Dave Rappoccio even led to an ill-advised attempt to respond from the official @FanaticsSupport X/Twitter account. (That’s not visible in the embed below, but can be seen at the top of this post, or here.)

And that was not the only Fanatics joke out there around these pants:

But @FanaticsSupport trying to chime in on a very obvious satirical post elevated this. And yes, much is still to be determined with the criminal charges against Scheffler, and the police report certainly raises the spectre of many things much more severe than ripped pants (although Scheffler’s lawyers hotly dispute that). But the inclusion of the pants being “damaged beyond repair” was remarkable, and it led to a lot of commentary, and even to that @FanaticsSupport response.

[@DrawPlayDave on X/Twitter]

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