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Friday’s biggest news story revolved around Masters winner Scottie Scheffler. The accomplished pro golfer (currently atop the Official World Golf Rankings), in town in Louisville for the 2024 PGA Championship, found himself arrested by city police.

In a shocking video shot by ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, police could be seen escorting Scheffler away in handcuffs. The golfer was detained, put in a vehicle, and received four charges following his arrest. He was also photographed in an orange jumpsuit, with his mugshot out for all to see.

Darlington joined ESPN’s Get Up to discuss the wild incident after it happened. The ESPN reporter was fortunate enough to be on the scene as it happened at the golf club and received praise for how he handled the situation. Following his arrest, Scheffler later returned to the PGA Championship, where he received a round of applause from fans and spectators.

Scheffler then addressed the crazy situation that unfolded on Friday morning. Even wilder, perhaps, is that Scheffler not only caught wind of the Get Up segment, but he actually watched it from his holding cell.

“When I was sitting in the holding cell, there was a TV there, I could see myself on the TV on ESPN,” Scheffler said laughing. “Get Up was on, and so in the corner it showed the time and it said they were delayed. I was kinda thinking about my tee time, I was like, ‘Well, maybe I could be able to get out.’

“The officers downstairs, they were discussing how long it was gonna take me to get released. Obviously, you have to go through the due process and everything. I was able to see a bit of the TV, and then I laid down and started to stretch a little bit once I got my heart rate down a little bit.”

A bizarre and wild story, to say the least, unfolded on Friday in Louisville, Kentucky.

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