Scott Van Pelt may have the highest approval rating in sports broadcasting. That’s thanks to a healthy dose of humility and humanity, traits all too rare across all genres of broadcasting, both of which come across alongside his passion for sports and his ability to entertain.

All of those elements are on display in this exclusive clip from Van Pelt’s upcoming appearance with David Feherty on Golf Channel’s Feherty. In it, Van Pelt discusses how he got his start in broadcasting, and it’s just about the least glamorous sequence of events you can imagine, right down to the wood paneling evident in the photographs. (Viewers are also treated to some very important pictures of Van Pelt with hair. And not just hair, it’s a majestic coif.)

SVP has delivered stories from his pre-fame life before, especially during the halcyon days of SVP & Russillo, and they never cease to serve as a reminder that talent can come from anywhere, and that pursuing what you love can sometimes pay off handsomely, literally and figuratively. (Though it helps if you’re also objectively great.)

The entire interview can be seen on Golf Channel Monday, March 2nd, at 9 PM ET.

[Golf Channel]

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