Pat McAfee discussing Lucas Glover's sweat stains. Photo Credit: Pat McAfee on Twitter

PGA Tour veteran Lucas Glover earned his second straight victory in as many weeks on Sunday at the FedEx St. Jude Championship. It did not come easy to him, as he had to overcome the treacherous temperatures in Memphis, which led to him going viral for very noticeable sweat stains on his pants.

Glover made the unfortunate decision to wear beige pants during his final round at TPC Southwind, which only accentuated his sweating for fans at home to see.

Glover discussed his victory along with the photos that came from his extreme sweating on an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, where McAfee poked fun at him.

“I personally run hot, and am a sweater,” said McAfee. “Your pants were treasonous, absolute traders to you. I would never wear this color ever.”

Glover went on to confirm that the conditions were brutal, but hilariously joked that he would not make the mistake of wearing beige pants in those conditions again.

“I literally drank as much water as possible. Tried to keep the hands cool and dry. But yeah, it was hot as my pants proved to the whole world.”

This moment has led to many calling for the PGA Tour to change their attire regulations and allow golfers to wear shorts in extremely hot conditions like this. And to nobody’s surprise, Glover stated that he would be a huge fan of that potential rule change.

“If this is what it takes for the PGA Tour to let us wear pants in the summer, I will be happy to take one for the team. I am way in on that. May 15th to September 15th, let us have that option.”

Wearing pants on the PGA Tour has obviously been a long-standing tradition. But moments like this show that it is perhaps time for a change to prevent a player like Glover who won the tournament to go viral for entirely the wrong reasons.

[Pat McAfee on Twitter]

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