Longtime CBS and Golf Channel analyst (and six-time major winner) Nick Faldo announced his impending retirement today, with CBS naming Trevor Immelman as his top replacement.

Considering the current state of the golf world, where people usually associated with the PGA Tour (and their broadcast teams) jumping ship to Saudi-backed sportswashing effort LIV Golf, this sparked plenty of speculation that Faldo was the latest prize for the upstart tour as they battle for legitimacy.

During a Faldo appearance after the announcement, Dan Patrick asked him directly about whether LIV had anything to do with the decision. Faldo denied it immediately.

Throughout, Faldo seems genuinely adamant that LIV has nothing to do with this decision, and it makes sense! He’s been able to essentially work all the biggest events in men’s golf for decades. Perhaps more relevant, he and LIV CEO Greg Norman aren’t exactly tight.

That said, as with today’s defection of Brooks Koepka (who had also come out forcefully against the LIV venture), things can always change. Especially with big money involved. As of now, though, it feels like a safer bet to assume that Faldo is indeed set to retire (from, at least, full-time work) later this summer. He’s spent pretty much his entire life in the game of golf, and he’s certainly been rewarded for it.

CBS, meanwhile, continues to refresh their broadcasts, which have only improved since Sellers Shy took over from Lance Barrow.

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