On Monday the news broke about Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest in the early hours of Memorial Day morning. Woods was stopped, charged, and arrested for a DUI at 3 AM at his home of Jupiter, Florida. On Monday evening, Woods released a statement that said alcohol was not involved. Rather, it was an unexpected mix of prescribed meds. Of course with Woods’ litany of back surgeries, Woods’ statement doesn’t come as a shock.

DUIs and issues with prescription medications aren’t really something to joke about, but both New York tabloids pulled out the exact same headline when taking aim at Woods’ arrest for their cover. It almost seems like they’ve been saving this one ever since his affair scandal was made public – “DUI of the Tiger.”

Get it? DUI… eye… eye of the tiger… ugh. Maybe the more notable aspect of the tabloid covers are how they seemingly throw dirt on any idea of Woods’ effort to come back to the course. The Daily News calls him a “washed-up golf legend” while the Post says “Woods hits rock bottom.” Woods has been through a lot, but with that mugshot, that headline, and whatever he’s truly dealing with, if this isn’t rock bottom it certainly is close.