2023 British Open on NBC Credit: NBC

While Brian Harman is making a surprising run toward potential victory in the 2023 Open Championship at Royal Liverpool, there’s one thing happening that’s as dependable as ever.

American audiences are complaining about an NBC Sports golf broadcast. It’s a tradition unlike any other.

Whether it’s for the constant shuffling between NBC, USA Network, and Peacock or the incessant commercials playing every few minutes, golf fans voice their frustrations about NBC’s golf coverage with a consistency that would almost be impressive if not for how annoying it is.

Since Thursday, golf fans have been flocking to social media to voice their displeasure with NBC Sports’ coverage of the 151st Open Championship and noting that it feels like they’ve sat down to watch a show about commercials that intermittently get interrupted by golf.

Austin Render noted that in the span of 20 minutes, viewers were subjected to one commercial break and three instances of “playing through,” which are split-screen segments in which one side of the screen is an ad and the volume for that ad drowns out the golf action.

Other fans claimed that the interruptions were even worse at times.

In the day since, as more of the coverage is focused on NBC, the situation does not appear to have improved. Not even a Jon Rahm f-bomb or the un-retirement of Nick Faldo appears to have helped soothe audiences.

NBC has heard the complaints about their golf coverage loud and clear. However, they’ve also benefitted from huge ratings from those same broadcasts. So unfortunately, while they might acknowledge the issues, they also don’t have a huge incentive to improve that experience. Clearly, it’s working for them, even if it’s pissing off a large portion of their audience.

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