This one is a bit out of left field, but during Thursday’s coverage of the Masters on ESPN, host Scott Van Pelt received this tweet:

A typical tweet from a frustrated golf fan; ESPN’s coverage (in partnership with CBS) has been frustrating so far, with plenty of big names going missing for extended periods of time from the broadcast. It should be noted, though, that Scott Van Pelt’s hosting is not really the problem at all; he’s in Butler Cabin, doing the typical amount of interview segments. The issue is more with the on-course coverage.

But as of this writing, that tweet had just one like, from an unlikely source: Mike Tirico.

Now, before this spins out of control into a “Mike Tirico hates SVP” feud, there are a few important factors to note. First, Tirico and Van Pelt are former partners, co-hosting an ESPN Radio show and then working together on multiple broadcasts, including during ESPN’s golf coverage over the years.

Now at NBC, Tirico took time prior to today’s coverage to congratulate Van Pelt:

Which received this follow-up:

Plus it’s Mike Tirico, who has hardly courted controversy throughout his career. On the other side of the equation, though, is Tirico has only liked 9 tweets, total. Plus he’d have had to search Van Pelt’s mentions to find it. It is possible Tirico thinks ESPN’s coverage could use more golf. He wouldn’t be the only one:

But it’s more likely, given the personalities involved, that it’s much more lighthearted than that. Which is almost too bad; Tirico going rogue would be fascinating.

It is funny, though, regardless.

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