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Gone are the days when golf broadcasts were used as background noise on a Sunday afternoon to drown out the stresses of the work week ahead of us. While we can pay homage to the old-school ways, Max Homa is ensuring how we consume golf content changes — for the better.

In a recent interview on No Laying Up, Homa said that despite the apprehensions surrounding the inaugural LIV Golf circuit, he appreciates the competition it brings to the PGA Tour, especially on the entertainment side. It’s forcing the tour to step up its game.

Homa added he’s been working with officials, including broadcasters, in order to create more interest in the sport.

“They’re just ideas, and we’re going to put one into effect soon and see how it goes,” Homa said. “I’m not saying it’s the best idea in the world, but we’re trying and it’s cool that they let me help with this in a way as an added voice in the idea because I can give the perspective of, ‘Hey, here’s why players won’t want to do this, let’s try this and they come back with what we can do.”

The last several months have been crazy with the introduction of the LIV Golf circuit, but Homa looks at it as more than just monetary gain.

“Yeah — money, whatever, but I want golf to be great for the fans because I am a fan of the game and I want people to keep watching golf both selfishly and just as another one of them,” Homa said. “I’m glad people are voicing their opinion … we’re seeing it with these nine designated events, like — change is coming. I think it’s all great for the consumer of the game.”

Homa is the perfect person to experiment with such factors. As an extremely approachable (and very on-Twitter personality), his unique ways have people tuning into what he does both on and off the course.

One of the entertaining factors Homa recently brought to the game was a mic’d up moment when he put an AirPod in his left ear on the 13th hole during the third round of the Farmers Insurance Open on Friday.

“Hope [you] guys enjoyed it,” Homa tweeted.

We sure did.

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