burnt toast

In the category of “go figure”, Jim Nantz likes burnt toast for breakfast. He likes it so much that in a Golf Digest profile, he said he used to spend ten minutes every day waiting for his toast to be properly charred after it came to him the first time, “limp and tan”.

Nantz says that this tragic ordeal repeated itself many days, and those ten minutes per day waiting for his burnt toast, multiplied by six days a week (what does he do on Sunday, I wonder), is four hours a month. So 48 hours, or two full days of Jim Nantz’s life has been wasted by waiting for burnt toast. What a tragedy.

So in an effort to combat this mindlessness, Nantz’s wife printed out and laminated a picture of burnt toast which Nantz now keeps in his wallet and shows to his servers to make sure they bring out his toast “black and scary, just the way I like it.” I’m sure that comment won’t be taken out of context at all.

By the way, there’s quite a bit more of Jim Nantz pontificating about his life in golf in a sit-down with Golf Digest, which you can read here while you clean up black bits of burnt toast from your keyboard.

Jim Nantz being obsessive compulsively particular about how burnt he wants his toast: a tradition unlike any other. Let’s just hope he is a good tipper given how high maintenance he is with his toast.

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