Tiger Woods is lucky to be alive after his horrific Los Angeles car accident this week.

Given his stature and the relationships he has with many other golfers, it was expected that we’d see some shoutouts and solidarity with Woods over the weekend. The PGA Tour actually has two events this weekend, but the big names in the sport are in Florida for a World Golf Championship event. Sunday, many players are wearing red and black in honor of Woods, whose traditional Sunday scripting has been a staple of his for decades now.

A lot of those players are Nike athletes, which makes sense. Nike can obviously provide those colors and options very quickly, and their players also don’t have any other logos on their clothing as part of their Nike deal.

Other golfers might not have those items readily able to do a similar tribute. One such player is Max Homa, who won last week’s Tiger-hosted event at Riviera. Homa took to Twitter to preemptively note that he wouldn’t be able to wear red and black on Sunday, but that he was absolutely still thinking of Tiger.

That’s a pretty classy approach from Homa, who has become a favorite thanks to his down-to-earth nature and genuinely entertaining Twitter presence. He’s also not kidding about his affection and reverence for Tiger. Here’s what he tweeted after his win last weekend:

Unfortunately, because…Twitter, there were plenty of people willing to tell Homa what he’s doing wrong here. A selection:

Because Homa actually reads his own replies (which is what makes him a fun Twitter presence, to begin with) he noticed these and other replies, which led him to try and further explain the situation:

That’s more of an explanation than Twitter deserved, but it’s also a valid one. Homa, despite his win last week, isn’t in a position to dictate apparel setups when he’s signed to various deals and endorsements. He’s clearly not ignoring Tiger Woods, and it’s impossibly dumb that anyone, even in an effort to troll, would feel the need to dictate the right and wrong ways to pay tribute to Woods.

Basically, Twitter is the worst, and we can’t even just have a cool visual with some players wearing red and black on Sunday without negative feedback sent directly to some players who can’t participate. Do better, indeed.

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