For golf fans, there are fewer treats better than live morning links golf, and that’s what we’re getting today with the Women’s Open Championship from Carnoustie.

Golf Channel was providing that relaxing morning vibe today, right up until it wasn’t. The sharp cut to break after a Nelly Korda shot was somewhat jarring, though they’re sometimes unavoidable when using an overseas feed.

The really jarring part, though, was coming back from a break to find Nelly Korda again, wearing a completely different outfit, and suddenly at +4 on the leaderboard.

That’s because Golf Channel had lost the feed, and had tossed to last year’s final round coverage.

Golf Channel did offer a bottom line crawl announcing technical difficulties, but that was the only sign that things were different. Eventually after another break, we were returned to live action, although once again it was a bit disorienting, as we returned to 2020 champ Sophia Popov playing an approach shot, making it easy to miss that we’d returned to Carnoustie.

In the end, the feed was down for about fifteen minutes. If you’re going to lose a feed for a while, having it happen early in the first round is certainly better than near the end on Sunday, but it was a bit funny how the timing worked out to offer some weird transitions to and from last year’s footage.

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