Video of Scottie Scheffler being arrested by Louisville police. Via Jeff Darlington on X.

When it comes to a list of professional athletes least likely to be seen hauled off in handcuffs, golf’s top ranked player and reigning Masters champion Scottie Scheffler would probably sit at the top. Scheffler is famously low-key, humble, and one of the nicest guys in sports. So when Scheffler was detained by the Louisville police department, it produced a surreal and unimaginable scene that could only be believed if captured on video. And ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington was there.

It all started with an accident outside Valhalla Golf Club where the PGA Championship is taking place in Louisville. Apparently there was a misunderstanding with stopped traffic. As Scheffler tried to make his way around the scene to make his morning tee time, he was then followed, stopped, and detained by Louisville police.

Darlington even took video on the scene and is seen being confronted by one of the officers detaining Scheffler and told to get back. He identified himself as a member of the media and the officer can clearly be heard telling Darlington that Scheffler is going to jail.

Later on in the morning, Darlington made an appearance live on ESPN when he went over the incident in great detail, saying that the events of the morning happened “very quickly, very rapidly, very aggressively.” Darlington even said Scheffler looked over to him and asked him to help. It was clear from Darlington’s report and being on the scene that the police had no idea who Scheffler was or that he was a golfer trying to get into the tournament.

Of course, the Louisville police department has an infamous past and reputation given the killing of Breonna Taylor, which brought the department nationwide scrutiny and protest. This incident with Scheffler is in no way comparable to that tragedy, but it’s another moment of controversy… especially considering Scheffler was legitimately placed in jail instead of being released after the misunderstanding.

As of 8 AM ET, Scheffler’s status was still unknown as relates to actually being able to take to the course for the tournament.

The PGA announced that the first round of the tournament would be delayed due to the chaos which possibly includes trying to get the number one player in the world out of jail to make his second round tee time.

In the midst of it all, Darlington was praised for somehow keeping his calm and reporting the story that must have defied belief. He was incredibly clear and detailed in recounting the events on SportsCenter instantly after being there on the scene with Scheffler.

You have to be prepared for everything when you work as a reporter, but there would probably be a better chance of winning the Powerball lottery and getting struck by lightning in the same day as there would be capturing video of Scottie Scheffler being arrested.