The World Golf Hall of Fame induction ceremony is just a few weeks away, on the evening of March 9th. .

This year’s ceremony will be the most notable in the history of the event, past or (probably) future, as Tiger Woods enters the Hall of Fame. Fittingly, the host for the evening will also be a very recognizable name: David Feherty, longtime broadcaster, analyst, television host, and performer.

The Hall announced the news in a press release:

The World Golf Hall of Fame has announced that Emmy-nominated golf personality David Feherty will serve as host of its 2022 induction ceremony, which will air live on Golf Channel at 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, March 9.

The ceremony will celebrate four inductees: Susie Maxwell Berning, Tim Finchem, the late Marion Hollins and Tiger Woods, and will take place on the eve of THE PLAYERS Championship at the PGA TOUR’s ‘Global Home’ headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Feherty offered his own comments, which were uncharacteristically devoid of sarcasm:

“As someone who has been around golf practically my entire life, I know firsthand that the highest possible honor in our sport is the immortality that is reserved for members of the World Golf Hall of Fame,” said Feherty. “I’m thrilled to contribute in some small way to what will be a historic evening as the Hall of Fame honors its new inductees.”

It’s a fitting choice for the event, especially considering Feherty’s longtime relationship with Golf Channel. Our AA Q+A with Feherty from a few years ago is a standout, and there’s arguably no one better in golf at taking what could be a dry event and making it watchable. And with plenty of attention sure to be on Tiger’s induction speech, that’s going to be even more important than usual.


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