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Fans of Inside the NBA on TNT are quite familiar with the comedic effect that Charles Barkley brings to the show. He often plays the butt-end of many jokes made by his co-hosts.

But former Yankees star pitcher David Wells says Barkley is the one playing the jokes in his day-to-day life.

David Wells is set to compete in the American Century Championship, a 54-hole celebrity charity golf tournament next month at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe on the border of California and Nevada.

In a conversation with Fox News, he recounted playing with Charles Barkley, who he is close friends with now, in his first ever time playing at the event.

“My first year going and being invited and just going there and golfing with Charles Barkley,” Wells told Fox News. “And Charles is such a wonderful human being, and he’s a good friend now and just playing with him. But the gallery that he brought was pretty intense. And I was a little nervous, and I didn’t want to really hit at certain times when there were people around.”

Wells then shared a funny story of Barkley, who has played the charity golf event quite extensively over the years, essentially initiating Wells into the tournament by playing a prank on him that cost him two strokes in his first-ever event.

“I think I had a par putt. He was a captain, and he goes, ‘Go ahead and pick that up, you’re good.’ So I go, ‘Okay.’ And I picked it up, and well, I got penalized two points.”

Luckily, Barkley’s hazing hasn’t stopped Wells from competing in the tournament since. In fact, this year’s tournament will be the 17th year that he has participated.

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