Thursday, The 2021 Tour Championship got underway in Atlanta. It’s a huge weekend for some of the top PGA players in the world who are competing for the FexEx Cup and its $15 million payout. So you better believe that every stroke counts and each of these golfers will take all the help they can get.

Brooks Koepka apparently got some much-needed help in the form of a winged friend while attempting to make a 29-foot birdie putt on the par-3 9th hole. Seemingly from the moment that he hit the ball, a butterfly followed it towards the hole and, just perhaps, helped make sure that it found its way in the hole.

Thankfully, Mike Tirico was on the call to give it, and the butterfly, the respect it deserved.

“Go get it, butterfly, YEAH!”

Butterflies have long been known to be big fans of golf. Just last year, a butterfly helped push Cameron Davis’ putt on the par-4 16th hole at TPC Twin Cities. Interesting, that was also a 29-foot putt attempt. Maybe that’s just a magic number for them.

If Brooks is able to take home the win this weekend, hopefully he’ll share some of those winnings with his new “caddy.”


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