Columbia, SC sports anchor Julia Westerman is the envy of golfers everywhere, getting to to play her first round of golf at Augusta. Photo Credit: Julia Westerman on Twitter/X. Photo Credit: Julia Westerman on Twitter/X.

If you’re a golfer, there’s a good chance that you remember your first round. Chances are that it wasn’t as cool as what Julia Westerman will have when she plays her first round.

Westerman is a sports anchor and reporter for WIS 10, an NBC affiliate in South Carolina. On Friday, Westerman tweeted that she will play at Augusta National — home of the Masters — on Monday.

“As if this month couldn’t get any crazier, I just won the media lottery to play a round at Augusta National on Monday,” she said. “I am in disbelief.”

There’s more.

Robby Thomas, WIS’ General Manager, shared on LinkedIn, “It will be the first round of golf she’s ever played.”’s Twitter/X account shared a screengrab of Thomas’ post.

Westerman quote tweeted that, saying “Y’know I was going to keep that fact to myself for the most part, but now that we’re here.”

Naturally, this news drew some envy.

For anyone who may not follow golf, Augusta is as exclusive as it gets. Roderick Easdale detailed how one can can play Augusta. His first was “Qualify for the Masters,” followed immediately by “No, take this seriously, it may end up as your best bet.”

Getting to play there at all is nearly impossible. Getting to play there for your first round is inconceivable. Well, it was inconceivable.

Good luck and keep your head down.

[Photo Credit: Julia Westerman on Twitter/X]

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