The five-second rule applies to the golf world too, apparently.

European Ryder Cup captain Darren Clarke was putting on the fourth hole during the British Open on Friday when, as he was swinging his putter, the gum in his mouth fell onto the green. After making the putt, instead of picking the gum up and chucking it into a nearby garbage, Clarke decided to put it back into his mouth. The announcers calling the tournament couldn’t believe it.

“He put it back in?! ew…. oh no… Darren that’s disgusting. You can’t do that! uhhh…”

Clarke must have really dug the flavor or texture of his gum because I’m sure his caddy had plenty other pieces for him to chew. I’d bet Clarke put it back in his mouth because he wasn’t sure what to do, as other golfers were waiting to take their turn on the hole.

Sure, it’s kind of gross, but if Clarke was going to make the move, he did it like a boss. He didn’t hesitate or show any nervousness, he just went for it, putting the gum back in his mouth with cameras filming.

The point is…Darren Clarke is done with a piece of chewing gum when he decides he’s done.

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