Since the day it became legal, sports betting’s popularity in the US market is constantly rising. Seems like the players impatiently waited for the day when North America’s government said YES to betters who like to try their luck on sports. 

At the same time, while the player’s interests in sports were growing, the companies started to produce simple, but high-quality apps to make those days in front of the small-screen devices easier and more enjoyable. What makes a good app GOOD? The answer to this question may be lengthy and comprehensive, but generally, it’s a matter of player-friendly layout, a big selection of games, and alluring bonuses and betting ranges. Interested to help in making the right decision, we present you a list of the best available betting apps, downloadable in counties that legalized sports betting- an entertaining activity that is reaching the peaks of its popularity, especially during the lockdown periods.

The New Best Picks 

Fox Bet Sportsbook  – an app currently available in New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Michigan states. Design-wise, we are looking at a rather simple site, we can even call it uncreative. But, statistics say that this is not the number one thing that will attract passionate players to visit a gambling platform. Operators’ key of success is undoubtedly the diversity of playable content and fair offers on bonuses and winnings, and in this sector, Fox is looking great. This sportsbook app offers to bet on all major leagues: NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, and MLB, bowling, and boxing leagues, as well. Three different apps give the players freedom to watch live sports shows on their phones and tablets, define the range of bets, bet on multiple games, and read the experts’ analysis regarding odds. If any kind of problem occurs, gamblers have the help of live-chat support integrated into the app. Overall, a whole package solution for all those who feel enthusiastic about sports betting. 

BetRivers – available in Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa, Louisiana, Arizona. This mobile app is definitely reachable for a higher number of gamblers than Fox Bet. But, the number of potential customers is not the only thing that makes it better; design-wise, it’s much better looking. The idea is the same, though. Simplicity, but with the pinch of elegance, all wrapped up in a polished platform. The app offers nice bonuses as well, starting from the welcome package, which, favorably, comes with easy-fulfilling wagering requirements. Loyalty club comes as a part of the promo packs, which again, makes this provider shine. When you risk your money, you can get a little bit upset, from time to time, especially when you need to wait for a game to load, or an ad to close. BetRivers, thankfully, offers a fast-responsive mobile app, not cluttered with boring commercials. All said it’s only left to salute this practical and convenient US-accepted online space and recommend it for use.

FanDuel – currently available in West Virginia, Arizona, Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee, Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New York, New Jersey. We are looking at one of the biggest sports betting suppliers in the United States that offers an outstanding Android and iOS mobile gaming experience to its customers. The platform is really fast, players will not lose any precious time waiting for the content to load, and it’s pretty easy to navigate around it. A white background creates an atmosphere of a clean, fresh gaming environment, while the wide range of betting content makes you wonder where to place your money? There are loads of options like betting on boxing, auto racing, tennis, but ultra popular Super Bowl championship, too. Many other possibilities, of course, but let’s not name everything; the list would be just too long. During our investigation of this app, we collected some crucial online data coming from the satisfied players… it seems that this operator offers one of the fastest withdrawal times in the sports betting fast-developing industry!  

Desktop Casino VS Mobile Apps

Everyone has their own “cup of tea”, but hand on the heart, Desktop gambling loses some battles before the match even starts. First of all, accessibility. Things you need to enjoy your favorite content are a mobile phone or a tablet and a stable internet connection. Considering the times we live in…we guess you already have both. If you do, you are all ready to play, wherever you are, whenever you feel like it. Just open your favorite mobile app and enjoy. The desktop version of sports betting requires you to stay in one place. One more great thing about mobile gaming is convenience. New apps are giving you the freedom to stay connected to your account all the time, to follow the results of your bets, even to change them. This option is available on Desktop websites, but again, you would have to be stuck in one place all the time. Last, but not least, mobile apps are way more popular than Desktop platforms. Popularity brings special perks, so mobile gamblers often enjoy more offers and bonuses than players who play via PCs.