You may have heard of GamStop and you will want to know all about it. If this is your desire and you want to know more, we can help. Here we will explain all the main things and also how you can add this platform to your casino. The first thing you need to know is that GamStop is effective, easy to use, and completely free. But there are a few things you need to know as soon as possible.

GamStop Basic Things

Some of you will know what GamStop is. Others will not know a thing. One way or another, we need to explore and reveal all the main things that are essential to know. GamStop is a platform and not some software or anything similar. If you are a gambler in the United Kingdom, and you are worried about gambling addiction or similar issues and problems, you should probably use GamStop. The majority of sites presented in the United Kingdom have a UKGC licence and after registration, your access to those sites will be limited. Nevertheless, UK players who still want to play after GamStop registration usually use Non GamStop Bets online casino operators self-exclusion and do not see any difference. Those providers are similar to the local ones but do not cooperate with UKGC yet.

The first thing here is to create an account at GamStop official website. This is a simple process and one that will require a few minutes of your time. Once done, the GamStop will start working but this can last up to 24 hours. You need to provide basic data like your name, address and etc. This data will be kept on the servers of GamStop. The data will only be shared with Gamban and nobody else hence you don’t have to worry. Even when the data is shared with Gamban, it will be kept for 30 days only. After that, the data will be removed.

This is a self-exclusion program. What this means is that you will have to willingly create an account at GamStop and activate it. You can choose the duration of the ban. Some players like to choose 5 years which is very long. Others opt for 6 months while some need 1 month only. It is up to you. All you need to know is that you need to contact their support and ask for the removal of the ban once the self-exclusion has expired. There is no way to remove it sooner or cancel the ban. We also must add that the platform can be used countless times and there is no need to worry about any fees. You have dedicated customer support. In addition, once you have requested to remove the self-exclusion, you need to wait 24 hours. Only after that, you can gamble at UKGC websites. 

GamStop API System

Since the 31st of March 2020, all websites that have a UKGC licence and operate in the United Kingdom must support and use GamStop. This is possible thanks to the API system. A casino will have to integrate the API into the design and it is done. What this means is that the casino and the servers of GamStop can communicate. These two can exchange the data that gamblers have provided on the GamStop website. Once these two matches, the casino can block the account of the user and make gambling there impossible. After registration, thousands of players try to unblock it, but fortunately, there is no easy way how to do it. The only option for the majority of them is to wait until their period ends.

If you know that this is possible and it affects many websites for gambling and betting, you can see how effecting GamStop is. The platform works within the UK only and there is no way other countries can use it at the moment. 

If you want to integrate GamStop into your site for gambling or betting, you can. You will need to add API to your site and you are done. The whole process is rather simple and effective. However, it will depend on which platform you use to keep the site running hence there are some differences. 

One thing we really like is that there are a few perks of doing this. One of the things is that GamStop link and logo will be displayed at the footer of your casino. This is actually an advantage. Once you have this, it makes your casino more trustworthy and more appealing to the players. In other terms, players will know that they can get help for the casino in question if or when they need it and they can relax while playing games more. It is a huge benefit and we all know that casinos that support GamStop are more appealing to the players. It is another reason why so many casinos want to implement GamStop in their offer. 

Last but not least is an important addition. Casinos can link other pages to GamStop’s official page and make all of this even more important, effective and beneficial. These links can help more and can make the whole process even more desirable in general. Users need additional links and all the data they can get in order to prevent gambling addiction or deal with it if it develops. These steps are additional and they are different from simple API integration. However, your webmaster can complete them and you can even link to GamStop in numerous ways.

The Final Word

GamStop is one of the most important and the best platform of this kind in the United Kingdom.

The majority of operators have already implemented it in the United Kingdom because of the local requirements. It has a lot of perks, benefits and so much to offer. We believe that more and more casinos and betting sites need to support it and need to link to their pages soon. This will make and even transform online gambling. It is nice knowing that gambling is safer and more appealing these days than ever before.