Jon Price is no stranger to the big stage of sports betting. He’s been featured in a plethora of national publications from Forbes magazine to Yahoo Finance for a number of headline grabbing million dollar wages, and in 2020 his NFL picks against the spread are off to one of the fastest starts in recent history proving that there is a way to successfully bet on games through this pandemic of a year.

Jon Price the legendary sports bettor who calls Sports Information Traders his home desk has identified and loaded up on a trend that’s developed in the early goings of the 2020 NFL Regular Season, which could be a direct result of the unique circumstances faced by this year’s NFL season. Through only 3 weeks of NFL football, almost twice as many OVERs have won than UNDERs in the score totals. That’s a rather unprecedented figure and Jon expects it to grow as the season progresses unless the Vegas sports books adjust their odds-making to account for the overwhelming outbursts of offense this year. Vegas isn’t the only place you can place wagers, as online casinos are a viable option as well!

Jon theorized long before the season began that he suspected that the lack of fans in the stands would immensely benefit the offenses and allow them to do more within their playbook as well as at the line with pre-snap adjustments to take advantage of defenses. As the early season has unfolded just like Jon wrote the script for it, he’s been cashing in BIG with some high profile wagers and particularly on this last weekend’s matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys. Jon was on national radio when he told everyone to take the OVER 55 points in the Dallas-Seattle play this past week in the NFL and well it was the 3rd straight week in a row that he has given away plays on air for free and they have all won over and over and over again. A trend that clients of his are used to but new sports bettors trying to get out of a COVID-19 deficit are fast to figure out that Jon Price really is the worlds best sports bettor. Not only did the pick win, but it covered midway through the 3rd quarter and him and his clients were counting their winnings by the 4th quarter.

As a former advisor to some of the sports books in Vegas and other places like , Jon saw the recipe for profits brewing as soon as the NFL announced that they’d have no fans in the seats due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. He’s explained on his radio show how crowd noise is the single biggest deterrent to opposing team’s offenses, and now without fans the home field advantage has effectively been eliminated and a lot of these games have broken open into high scoring shootouts.

Unless the odds makers in Vegas do something to equate for the overwhelming amounts of offense thus far in the first three weeks of the NFL season, Jon says sharp bettors like himself will continue to load up on the totals and take advantage of this quickly growing trend. The oddsmakers in Vegas are no dummies, and Jon does fully expect them to close up the loop hole, but as one closes, another one opens, he explains.

In one of his radio segments last week Jon also expressed confidence that in this oddball season that is the COVID Pandemic 2020 NFL season there’s always going to be strong trends to take advantage of, simply because of how unique the circumstances are surrounding this season. He’s been dead on the money so far and he’s confident that he can stay one step ahead of Vegas, Fan Duel, Draft Kings, and William Hill as they try to adjust and try to get a finger on the pulse of the NFL.