Gambling on Super Bowl LI bets at the Westgate in Las Vegas in 2017.

Wagering on sports only became a reality in New York in July after its legislation almost six years ago. However, there seems to be a problem when it comes to modernizing its legislation within the state. While it is already legal to place bets in New York, there are still limitations regarding this.

New York has only legalized in-person wagers at the upstate facilities. Despite the action of allowing sports betting in New York, New Yorkers will still have to drive upstate and some might even prefer crossing to Canada to place their bets. According to JackpotCity, a popular Canadian online casino – sports betting, land based gambling and even online casinos are all legal in Canada.

Whilst they are rigorous when it comes to licensing laws, there are 88 physical casinos in Canada. Online gambling is another area, because there isn’t such extensive government licensing extended to cyberspace, both land-based casinos and online gambling are thriving this side of the border. Given that New York has an impressive 33 casinos in one state alone, one can imagine the appetite for online gaming there too.

This is where the problem lies for the state of New York. Many New Yorkers who would like to wager on sports are hardly welcoming about how they still need to travel in order to place their bets. Of course, an easy solution is to make sports betting mobile in the state, but the thing is, mobile and online sports betting is still not legal in this state.

This problem was immediately pointed out by Senator Joe Addabbo and Assemblyman Gary Pretlow and this is why they are committed to clearing mobile sports betting by next year. However, recent reports have said that there may still be delays regarding this.

What Senator Addabbo Jr. is concerned about is how New York is actually still losing millions of dollars in tax revenue just because of this. Addabbo believes that allowing online or mobile sports wagering would bring in at least 90 million US dollars more to the state.

This amount could still greatly affect and benefit New York’s budget for education and job growth projects. This is why Addabbo is eager to push for online sports wagering to have a budget in the next legislative session.

He also would like to emphasize how it’s still New Jersey that’s benefiting from New York’s lack of action regarding this matter. New Yorkers who prefer to wager on sports online are placing their bets on online sportsbooks in New Jersey.

Addabbo said, “New Jersey sportsbooks handled a record $446 million in bets in September – and with estimates that 25 percent of that amount came from New York bettors, we’re missing out on a huge chunk of revenue which could be benefiting our students and citizens.”

There actually seems to be a silent competition when it comes to who’s leading in the sports betting industry. New Jersey recently made noise as it finally has beaten Nevada in May when it comes to sports betting revenues.

It is simply possible that if New York has finally allowed its locals to place bets in sportsbooks within the state, they might have a good shot in gaining the most sports betting revenue in the next few months.

Addabbo said that he doesn’t want to allow New York to just sit on the sidelines. The money that the other states are getting from New Yorkers for online betting shouldn’t be left unnoticed. “We plan to make a strong argument to include mobile sports betting in the adopted 2020-2021 budget,” he said.

“To fully realize the potential of sports betting, it must be accessible throughout the state, in multiple venues,” Addabbo also added. “Our legislative language includes racetracks, OTBs, stadiums, and arenas.”

Surely, Addabbo makes very strong points and these are the points that he’s bringing with him on the next legislative session. However, it’s not going to be all easy. Addabbo will still have to face the challenge of proving that New Yorkers do have the appetite for online or mobile sports betting.

Aside from this, Addabbo also hopes that the legislation of online sports wagering can benefit New York’s sports betting tourism. New York already has a strong economic foundation and geographic foundation to lure tourists, but the sports industry can still boost this.

Furthermore, the Coronavirus pandemic has meant that government revenues are just as hurt by lockdown measures as casinos are, with Casino tax revenue within New York falling by $600 million, as reported by the Gaming Commission. Online casinos would be a great way to raise revenue in a time where physical casinos are in turmoil.

If New York allows online wagering, which is more convenient than in-person betting, it is possible that tourists, among locals, would be in attendance at New York stadiums. They are even looking at having more international visitors.

Addabbo expressed that he just really sees that sports betting is a form of entertainment that will synergize New York’s already large tourism industry.

All of Addabbo’s keynotes will be presented at the Sports Betting USA. It will take place on November 5 and 6 of this year at the Metropolitan West.

Simultaneously, the New York State Gaming Commission is already conducting a study regarding this. The results will be released in 2021. This will help legislators see how expanding sports betting this way could really help New York’s economy.