Darren Rovell (ESPN). The NY Jets unveiled their new football uniforms with an event hosted by JB Smoove at Gotham Hall in New York. 04/05/2019057jetsnewuniformsunveiled006 Credit: Jeremy Smith/NorthJersey.com

Darren Rovell has never been shy about sharing his prolific sports betting failures with the masses, and it sure didn’t take him long to do so to kick off the new year.

Ahead of college football’s New Year’s Day slate of bowl games on Monday, Rovell shared what he claimed was the “easiest bet of 2024” in the ReliaQuest Bowl between the Wisconsin Badgers and the LSU Tigers.

“Easiest bet of 2024: Wisconsin-LSU Under 57.5,” Rovell said in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

It sure did not take long for that “easiest bet of 2024” to look like a loser as the two teams combined for 35 first-half points. But even with the wager looking likely to lose, Rovell insisted that it was actually a good bet, because he had some inside information he was working with.

“Other info I was operating with here. Nabors wasn’t going to play second half after he beat the record. Doesn’t seem to matter now. Gambling is about small edges. That a bet loses doesn’t mean the handicap was wrong,” Rovell said in a follow-up post.

Ultimately, it took the two teams less than three quarters to eclipse 57.5 points in the game, leading Rovell to finally admit his wrong and vow to never use the term “easy bet” ever again.

“With a live over of 77.5, I am going to fall on my sword. And vow to never make an ‘easy bet’ prediction again. No bet is easy. Ever,” Rovell said.

It was a pretty brutal start to 2024 for Rovell and anyone who made the ill-advised decision to tail his bet.

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