Euro 24 Fubo broadcast Photo Credit: Fubo Many U.S. soccer fans were upset by Fubo’s coverage of the Euro 24.

Saturday was a big day for soccer fans as UEFA Euro 24 featured three matches, but for many U.S. fans, the talk quickly turned ugly — and not for anything that happened on the field.

Fubo broadcast the day’s first match, Hungary vs. Switzerland at 9 a.m. ET, and fans immediately called out the broadcast for not having a score bug.

That “amateur hour” production frustrated fans, many of whom were already upset that Fox Sports had contracted five Euro 24 games out to Fubo. A Fubo Pro fee, starting at $79 per month, is required to watch the matches, a steep price for fans interested in watching only the five matches on the streaming service.

Also, fans criticized Fox for promoting it would cover “every game” of the tournament.

Fubo can hopefully at least get the score bug issue corrected before its next match.

[Shaun Goodwin; Photo Credit: Fubo]

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