On Friday, Fox Sports and fuboTV announced coverage plans for the first four matchdays of the 2022-23 UEFA Nations League.

As part of a sublicensing deal announced earlier this year, fuboTV will air a bunch of UEFA matches instead of Fox, which doesn’t have a subscription-based streaming overflow outlet like ESPN+, Paramount+, or Peacock.

Per Fox’s release, 44 matches will be available on Fox’s outlets, compared to 60 on fubo. The outlets that will be airing games for Fox are FS1, FS2, Fox Soccer Plus (which I’m shocked to learn still exists), Tubi, and the Fox Sports app. You can check out the full schedule of Fox’s matches here.

As for fubo’s matches, it’s important to note that most of these matches will *not* be available on fubo’s free Fubo Sports Network channel, available for free on a variety of smart TVs. You’ll only be able to watch them with a subscription to fuboTV (which starts at $69.99 a month – no special plan for the Nations League has been announced).

Anyway, here’s the full schedule of fubo matches.

Sublicensing silliness aside, fubo really does wind up in a pretty good place here, because they ended up with a decent compliment of matches, including all four England matches. Portugal, France, and Belgium each have a pair of matches on fubo, while Spain, Germany (against England), Italy (also against England), and the Netherlands all have one.

Thankfully for viewers, most of Fox’s better games are on FS1 (as opposed to FS2 or Fox Soccer Plus). Doing a quick scan of the seven teams I mentioned above (other than the fubo-exclusive England), the first Italy-Germany match is an FS2 game, as are both Spain-Czech Republic matches. Netherlands-Poland on the second Saturday of coverage is an FS2 game, and Hungary-Germany in the same window is on Fox Soccer Plus. Netherlands-Wales on the final day of coverage is also a Fox Soccer Plus game.

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