For those of us hoping that Vin Scully would make an appearance in the broadcast booth during Fox’s coverage of the NLCS (or presumably the World Series, should the Dodgers eliminate the Brewers), Scully doused those hopes over the weekend.

On Saturday, Milwaukee Brewers legend Bob Uecker spent an inning in the Fox booth with Joe Buck and John Smoltz, and it was well-received nearly across the board. That cameo raised hopes that Scully would follow suit once the NLCS returned to Los Angeles on Monday, but the retired voiced of the Dodgers declined when contacted by the LA Times, claiming that he just wouldn’t feel right stepping into the spotlight.

“I don’t want to just take a bow,” Scully told The Times. “I just don’t feel right doing that.”

Scully also went on to compliment the work that Buck and Smoltz have done this season.

“It’s not false modesty,” Scully said. “I just think I don’t belong there.

“Those fellows have been broadcasting all year. I don’t want to get into their spotlight in any way, shape, or form. I think they’re doing a wonderful job.”

That response from Scully is about as typical and on-brand as you could expect. Of course he’s not going to take the spotlight away from any other broadcasters and drag himself, who has been retired for two seasons, back into the spotlight during a broadcast.

Sure, we all would have loved to see him back in the booth, even if just for a half inning, but you can’t argue with his reasoning.

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