Fox drew praise for their Vin Scully-narrated Field of Dreams montage.

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of use of a clip of famed broadcaster Vin Scully narrating the noted “People will come” speech from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams, a speech originally voiced by James Earl Jones in the film. In 2016, MLB put out a video on this showing memorable moments in (actual) baseball history synced up with Scully’s narration, and that audio’s shown up a lot since then. A notable recent example comes from Fox Sports’ MLB At Field of Dreams game (Cubs-Reds) coverage Thursday, which used that Scully audio over a new video montage:

This was perhaps particularly poignant following Scully’s August 2 passing at 94. And it drew a lot of notable reactions:

Fox’s broadcast also had analyst Alex Rodriguez speak about his past interactions with Scully:

And there were several other touching pre-game moments on the Fox broadcast, including Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. walking out of the corn together to have a catch:

It’s cool that Fox was able to work in this Scully clip, especially after his recent passing. This particular MLB At Field of Dreams event is very much about nostalgia and feelings, and while its future comes with some uncertainty, there’s a lot of interest in the current event. And this was a good way to work Scully, a figure on many baseball fans’ minds right now, into this event coverage.

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