Clay Travis' river jump at left, Urban Meyer in 2019 at right. Clay Travis’ river jump at left, Urban Meyer in 2019 at right.

Saturday morning college football preview shows walk an interesting line, mixing in everything from gameday atmospheres to food and mascot stunts to storytelling features to actual Xs and Os analysis. The particular mix on a given day isn’t always to everyone’s liking, and that’s at times escalated further into public shots. One notable one in 2019 came between Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff and ESPN’s College GameDay, shows with a significant rivalry, with Fox analyst Urban Meyer mocking ESPN’s Pat McAfee for an on-camera jump into the Brazos River ahead of an Oklahoma Baylor game. Here’s that lake jump:

Here’s what Meyer (seen at right above ahead of the 2019 Fiesta Bowl) had to say about that shortly afterwards in an interview with Mike Hall for  (the Fox-owned) Big Ten Network:

At the time, McAfee shot back with this:

Well, on Saturday, Big Noon Kickoff’s Clay Travis did his own cannonball jump into the Tennessee River (seen at left above):

Meyer obviously didn’t do this jump himself, and he doesn’t particularly say anything about it (unlike some of the other Big Noon analysts). So it’s not “Urban Meyer suddenly endorses lake/river-jumping.” And it’s highly unlikely he came up with this particular bit. (And it should be mentioned that the Meyer-McAfee feud seems to go a bit beyond that, and has included plenty from McAfee’s side as well.) And if the composition of Big Noon Kickoff was up to Meyer, it probably would be more football analysis and fewer lake jumps. So this isn’t really much inconsistency from him.

But it is funny that three years after Meyer cited Big Noon Kickoff as the serious, football-only show, they’ve done one of the specific things he once criticized GameDay for. That’s a hoisting by one’s own petard. Or a dunking in one’s own river.

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