After he was fired by the Jacksonville Jaguars, a lot of people wondered whether or not Urban Meyer would return to his previous job as a college football analyst for Fox Sports.

While his time in the NFL was controversial and disappointing, Meyer remains a hot prospect in the media world where he found success in a short stint between coaching jobs, even if some of the advice he shared there came back to bite him later.

Last week, an Ohio State insider indicated that he felt Meyer was heading back to Fox and Meyer essentially confirmed that on a Tuesday appearance on the Tim May Podcast.

“That’s all still in conversation,” Meyer told May when asked about returning to the TV studio. “I love Fox, I love their team and their guys. There’s nothing that’s been finalized yet, but I plan on going back and doing it. I really enjoyed that. I enjoyed celebrating those who play, celebrating those who coach it – it’s a great game. Not being the kind of ripping people to shreds but just celebrating this incredible game, and most importantly, the players that do this game. I plan on being back in the fall doing something like that.”

Fox replaced Meyer on Big Noon Kickoff with Bob Stoops last season but the PR impact of having Meyer back in the fold would certainly make it worth their while, even if it means losing Stoops. If nothing else, that initial appearance where Meyer discusses what went wrong in Jacksonville will be highly discussed on social media and garner plenty of eyeballs.

Plus, given the importance of Big Ten football to Fox Sports, coupled with the high level of adoration Meyer retains in the Ohio State community (and disdain amongst other Big Ten schools), a reunion simply makes too much sense.

[The Tim May Podcast]

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