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Everyone knows by now that Undisputed host Skip Bayless can’t help himself but talk about the Dallas Cowboys, even more so than most other sports media personalities. But Bayless and his panelists took their commitment to Cowboys talk to new heights on Tuesday when the entirety of the two-hour show focused on the Dallas NFL team.

Reddit user u/Deathtank12345 noticed the incredible feat. While Tuesday’s show was admittedly coming off a tightly contested, high-profile Monday Night Football win for Dallas over the Chargers, this still is over the top. Two hours, nine segments, all Cowboys.

Every topic today was about the cowboys. Not 70% not 90%. 100%.
byu/Deathtank12345 inUndisputedFS1

It probably doesn’t help that Bayless’ new Undisputed Monday and Tuesday panel features two former Cowboys in Michael Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson. Still, the lack of creativity is pretty unbelievable here. And nobody is even ashamed or hiding it. The show’s YouTube channel clearly lays out all nine segments focused on the Chargers matchup or Dallas as a team.


After recently being exposed for using the same jersey in his regular jersey-in-the-trash meme, Bayless still can’t help himself. The former Dallas Morning News columnist and author of three Cowboys books has a lane and, at age 71, is sticking to it.

But as Undisputed struggles in its ratings war with ESPN debate show First Take, they probably are going to have to do better. Stephen A. Smith rolls out the likes of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo or his own sister for primo content and has interviewed the NFL and NBA commissioners within the past month.

And what does Bayless have? More Cowboys talk.

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