Tony Meola (L) and Troy Aikman.

Tony Meola (seen at left above) is a former U.S. keeper who’s calling World Cup games for Fox alongside J.P. Dellacamera. Troy Aikman (seen at right above) is a former NFL quarterback and long-time NFL on Fox analyst who is not. But Meola’s voice sounds quite a bit like Aikman’s, and that’s led to a whole lot of tweets on the subject, especially during Tuesday’s Nigeria-Argentina match.

First, here’s an example of Meola’s commentary on Lionel Messi’s goal (starting at 0:35):

Oh yeah, there’s a resemblance there. And Twitter has noticed:

And this isn’t the first game where people have noticed the vocal resemblance. This has been a recurring theme throughout the World Cup:

Meola is on one of the two Fox announcing teams that’s in Russia for the tournament, not calling matches from studios in L.A., so we’re pretty sure it’s actually him and not Aikman on these broadcasts. Or else this is a really elaborate ploy, involving him tweeting signs from St. Petersburg:

Meanwhile, Aikman is Instagramming from a trip to Hawaii (and throwing in some Hawaii tourism links):

So, it seems likely this is Meola and not actually Aikman. But Fox should definitely take advantage of this vocal similarity at some point; Troy and “Troy” could make a pretty funny football-and-futbol video. And hey, if Aikman ever needs a Thursday night off, he now knows where to find a vocal doppelganger…

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