Terry Bradshaw on the NFL on Fox in December 2019

If there’s anyone who knows what it takes to transition from a Super Bowl-winning quarterback into an NFL media role at Fox, it’s Terry Bradshaw. While Tom Brady still has some time before he joins Bradshaw in the Fox Sports family, the 74-year-old has some advice for the incoming star.

Bradshaw spoke with reporters as part of Fox Sports media day leading up to Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. When he was asked what advice he’d give to Brady, the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback didn’t mince words.

“It won’t be easy,” Bradshaw told reporters, via the New York Post. “The problem with Tom is the whole world is gonna watch. Everyone wants to see how he does. And if he doesn’t meet the expectations of you guys, you’re gonna say it. So I don’t think criticism is something that has come his way in his 20-plus years in the NFL. I know a lot of these superstar quarterbacks get criticized to a degree. They don’t take kindly to it.”

Bradshaw added that he’s not worried about Brady putting in the work needed to succeed in the broadcasting world, but made it clear that the seven-time Super Bowl winner will need to figure out how to become relatable, which isn’t exactly Tom’s strong suit.

“Tom will put the work in,” Bradshaw said. “TV is me and you. I’m talking to you. I’m not gonna talk over your head [or] below you. I’m gonna talk right to you. We’re gonna have some fun. We’re gonna keep it simple. We’re gonna have a good visit today. That’s television. The quicker he can learn that, and relax [the better he’ll be].”

Bradshaw also shared some praise for Greg Olsen, who is currently sitting in the seat that Brady is expected to take over in 2024. He also implied cheekily that perhaps Olsen will prove himself a bit more unreplaceable than Fox initially suspected.

“We all love [Brady],” Bradshaw said. “We’re pulling for him. I feel sorry for Greg Olsen who’s had a phenomenal year. So maybe they may start Tom out in second team.”

Left unsaid is the possibility that Brady’s future lies not in the booth but in the studio. And it’s distinctly possible that by the time one quarterback is ready to retire again, another one will be ready to take his place.

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