In an event that shockingly hadn’t happened yet, an excited Terry Bradshaw managed to spill coffee all over the Fox studio desk during the network’s NFL halftime show.

It apparently happened when Bradshaw was teeing up a Bills-Titans highlight, which is not normally the kind of thing that would excite someone to the point of spilling a beverage.

It was great to see Curt Menefee immediately taking over the highlight like a driver’s ed instructor forced to use their special brake to rein in a speeding teenager. We also got some fantastic images of the aftermath, including Bradshaw trying to shake Menefee’s tablet dry.

Yeah, that should take care of it. Though if that Surface is still working, Microsoft could probably build an entire product durability ad campaign around this moment; if Terry Bradshaw at his most exuberant can’t break it, it might just be indestructible.

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