Skip Bayless went in on Carson Wentz for something Nick Foles did.

Skip Bayless is often known for hot takes that are somewhat estranged from reality, but he took that to a new level Monday. On FS1’s Undisputed Monday morning, Bayless had plenty of criticisms for the Philadelphia Eagles despite their 51-23 win over the Denver Broncos Sunday, saying that they weren’t as impressive as his beloved Dallas Cowboys. He went in on Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz in particular, and especially criticized him for conceding a fourth-quarter strip sack to Von Miller that was returned for a touchdown.

The only problem with that line of debate? As Daniel Craig of Philly Voice notes, Wentz was already out of the game, and it was backup Nick Foles who gave up that sack. Here’s video of the play:

And here’s video of Bayless blasting Wentz and the Eagles (the whole rant about the game starts around 4:15, but the key part about this play starts at 30:08):

Co-host Shannon Sharpe praises Miller and says he’s relentless, and Bayless responds “He wasn’t yesterday, I watched the whole game.” Sharpe says “Didn’t he get a strip sack?” and Bayless says “Oh, did he strip-sack Carson Wentz? Oh, thank you for bringing that up, I forgot about that.” Sharpe said Wentz’s touchdowns were impressive enough that a turnover wouldn’t even nullify them. And then they got on to their bet over MVP voting for Wentz and Dak Prescott, with Bayless wagering a case of Diet Mountain Dew and Sharpe channeling DJ Khaled with “All I drink is Hen, Hen, Hen, no matter what. So don’t even ask what’s in my cup. And every time they see me, cups go up!”

But while that’s hilarious, it’s not as hilarious as Bayless proudly proclaiming that he watched the entire Eagles’ game, then ascribing a strip-sack to the wrong quarterback. Mistakes in identification happen, but not usually when someone’s claiming to be as sure as Bayless is here. And he might want to find better reasons to criticize Wentz.

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