Skip Bayless says he called Aaron Rodgers a "diva" first Credit: Undisputed

Aaron Rodgers is allowed to be himself on The Pat McAfee Show. And in being himself, he’s not exactly asked the challenging questions, and so he’s been afforded the opportunity to discuss everything from vaccines to politics to psychedelics to football and darkness retreats on ESPN’s airwaves.

Rodgers has established himself as a polarizing personality over the last three NFL seasons in which he’s appeared on McAfee’s Show. He’s used the platform to be able to reintroduce himself as a full-blown conspiracy theoristdesperate to fight with the media.

But in the eyes of Skip Bayless, he’s also developed a reputation for not wanting to answer the tough questions. This is the same Bayless, who wants credit for labeling Rodgers a “diva” before the world did. Bayless frequently refers to Rodgers as a “master media manipulator,” blasting the superstar quarterback for being a “finger-pointing, blame deflector.”

Bayless limited his diatribe to just one off-handed comment about the New York Jets quarterback as such during a joint sit-down interview with GQ, in which he and Lil Wayne discussed their unlikely friendship. The 71-year-old Bayless was asked who his dream guest on Undisputed would be, and while he conceded that the answer was originally his rapper friend, he told GQ’s Matthew Roberson that LeBron James would be his dream guest.

As for Wayne, he thought Bayless was either going to say Tom Brady or Michael Jordan.

“For me, it’d be the late, great Kobe Bean Bryant. If you want to go now, I’d love to sit down and talk to Mr. Aaron Rodgers,” said Wayne.

That’s when Skip Bayless decided to offer his opinion on Rodgers appearing on Undisputed.

“I think he’d be afraid,” replied Bayless. “He wants softball questions.”

Based on his previous comments, it shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise that he feels this way about Rodgers. And perhaps his suspicions were confirmed on Thursday, as news broke from the New York Post that host Pat McAfee has paid its most famous guest Aaron Rodgers over seven figures for joining the show weekly, to answer those “softball” questions.


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