The Golden State Warriors dynasty has been rekindled. Steph Curry is a champion again, winning his first NBA Finals MVP award and expectedly fueling sports debate shows with plenty of content.

Fox Sports’ Undisputed was so hyped for a day of played out topics that before they could even make it to the “Steph Curry top-10 debate,” hosts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe were derailed by an epic argument of whose turn it is to argue.

For 32 seconds Friday morning, Sharpe and Bayless went back and forth, yelling various versions of “you go, no you go, go ahead, it’s your turn.”

At one point during the debate, Bayless did add, “You get to just throw out a bunch of baloney that sits there unopposed?” Which may have been some misdirected animosity that was meant for his former debate partner Stephen A. Smith, who recently sold Bayless out by taking credit for First Take. But the crux of Bayless vs Sharpe at 9:35am Friday morning was whose turn is it to yell next?

This was not some sort of parody from a Saturday Night Live skit. Sharpe and Bayless were actually arguing about who should be arguing. SNL has already parodied Stephen A. Smith and Kendrick Perkins on First Take, but Undisputed unintentionally wrote a skit of their own Friday morning.

The problem, however, is that by his own account, Bayless is inimitable. He previously claimed Bill Hader and Frank Caliendo have both tried and failed at developing impressions of him. Bayless called it a compliment that “nobody in the world, even the greatest impressionists ever can figure out how to do me.”

What I can’t help but appreciate is the fact that Sharpe and Bayless were mostly arguing for the other to take a turn at arguing. Maybe they did so with a hint of brooding in their eyes, but it was better than yelling, “my turn, my turn, my turn!”

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