Shannon Sharpe on those milds.

Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe has taken the sports media conversation to some surprising places, from Black and Milds to Hennessy.

This time around, he seems to be really mad at Los Angeles Clippers’ guard Lou Williams, because Williams told Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins that he did, in fact, once date two women at the same time (they knew of the arrangement, were reportedly fine with it, and he’s still dating one and is friends with the other) and “more players do that than you know.”

That quote got highlighted by SLAM, and Sharpe went ballistic:

Williams responded, and Sharpe still wasn’t impressed:

This is certainly a curious thing for Sharpe to get fired up about. But maybe he’s just revving up his hot takes engine. After all, he called for the losing coach to be fired in the wake of last year’s Super Bowl. We’ll see if he finds a way to top that.

For now, a Twitter war with “Dry Snitching Ass Mofo” Williams isn’t bad. It’s just a pity this didn’t wind up on Undisputed so we could have heard Skip Bayless’ surely well-reasoned takes on polyamory.

[Shannon Sharpe on Twitter]

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