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There are several possible ways to counteract Skip Bayless’ endless anti-LeBron trolling. You can come at him with facts. You can make fun of the ratings his show gets. Or you can do what Shannon Sharpe did Monday on Undisputed: don a No. 23 Cavs jersey and a ridiculous looking goat mask and start braying about LeBron being the greatest of all-time.

“I can be one of two things, Skip Bayless,” Sharpe announced at the top of Monday’s show, in full costume. “I can be a centaur, or I can be GOAT James. Which am I?”

Before Skip could answer, Shannon began shouting “the GOAT” and flexing his alarmingly large muscles. Behold:

That might be the scariest piece of headwear since Joel Embiid opted for the black mask.

Later in the segment, after taking off his goat head, Sharpe called out Aron Baynes for getting stuffed by LeBron at the rim as only he can, saying, “I told you this was a Henn party. Don’t try to bring apple juice to my Henn party.”

Bayless, for his part, did not appear particularly rattled by Sharpe’s display, immediately launching into his usual schtick about how LeBron hasn’t won anything and will get crushed by the Warriors if he makes it that far and yada yada yada. But ultimately, it didn’t matter. Because when a grown man dresses up like a goat on national television to make a point, he wins.

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