Shannon Sharpe accidentally drops f-bomb

For those who say Undisputed is scripted, Shannon Sharpe’s Thursday morning faux pas definitely wasn’t in the script.

During a segment about the Los Angeles Clippers and their recent attempt at forcing Russell Westbrook into their rotation, Sharpe accidentally dropped an f-bomb on live TV.

“If I’m making fried chicken and somebody says, ‘I got some chocolate for you,’ well, yeah, I like chocolate, but what the f, I…ooh, sorry!” Sharpe said, catching himself a split-second too late. “You got me up here cursing, Skip! Why would I need chocolate to go with fried chicken!”

Bayless, who didn’t even bat an eye at the accidental f-bomb, wasn’t nearly as amused as the audience. Sharpe’s analogy was essentially saying the Clippers were already good as previously constructed, they shouldn’t have messed things up by adding Westbrook to the fold. But there was something endearing about Sharpe innocently recoiling and quickly apologizing after failing to stop himself from cursing.

I can go through my day hearing various curse words hundreds or even thousands of times. I can even change the channel and find a show or movie that repeatedly drops f-bombs without hesitation or regret. But there’s still something childishly exciting about hearing an f-bomb dropped on TV when you know it wasn’t supposed to be there.


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