Plaxico Burress discussing the Jets loss in the HOF Game on The Carton Show Photo Credit: Fox Sports 1

Fans got their first opportunity to watch preseason football on Thursday night when the New York Jets took on the Cleveland Browns in the annual Hall of Fame Game. Former NFL wide receiver and current Fox Sports analyst Plaxico Burress was not one of the many viewers of the game, and still opted to talk about the game on Friday’s edition of The Carton Show on Fox Sports 1.

Burress and Craig Carton discussed the Jets’ performance in the game, where Carton began to bash the team for their failure to close out the game.

“All we learned yesterday is that our backups have the same disease that our starters had last year,” said Carton. “And that is, we don’t know how to close out an opponent.”

Burress then chimed in, saying that it “looks like the same old Jets”.

“What it looks like to me is that this is the same old Jets, it really is. I mean you called this a must-win game.”

The only issue with Burress saying that this Jets team looks like the “same old Jets”, is that he later revealed that he didn’t watch a single play from the game.

“I didn’t watch a single play. I told you, I knew what was going to happen.”

First of all, it is a pretty gross overreaction to call this a “must-win game” for the Jets by Carton considering it is an exhibition preseason game. And how exactly can Burress know that this is the “same old Jets” if he never even watched a play from the game?

As is the case in many preseason games, very few impact players for the Jets were even on the field, so it seems absurd to make definitive statements about a team after a meaningless preseason game.

As for Burress, he may want to watch the game before he jumps on Carton’s bold sentiment about the team.

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