There’s a growing belief that we could see former Ohio State and Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer return to Fox Sports and the set of Big Noon Kickoff. If that happens, Pat McAfee is advising Fox to put a very important clause in Meyer’s contract.

“No dancefloors,” McAfee recommended during his Wednesday radio show. “We’ll pay you this, you gotta do this, show up do this, break this film down, give us the three things for everything…and then all of a sudden no dancefloors on these college campuses.”

McAfee was of course referring to the most scandalous incident from Meyer’s disastrous tenure with the Jaguars last season, when a video featuring the now former head coach dancing and getting very handsy with a young woman, who was not his wife, went viral. The incident fast-tracked what seemed to be an inevitable fall from grace for Meyer with the Jaguars.

“Urban Meyer did blame the dancefloor and not himself for that entire thing,” McAfee joked.

What about a wedding, or if Meyer is out with his wife? Nope, McAfee is advising Fox to impose a strict no dancefloor clause, it’s not worth the risk. Although based on the network’s history, hiring sports personalities with questionable reputations is not without precedent. See Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose.

But while another dancefloor mishap would make both Fox and Meyer look bad, the worst might be saved for all of us, who would have to suffer through another uncomfortable viral incident on social media.

McAfee acknowledged Meyer performed well during his previous tenure as a football analyst with Fox, a sentiment shared by many. As bad as his most recent coaching stint was, Meyer as a football analyst was widely considered to be a success, which is why the disgraced coach might be seeking a reunion with Fox to rehab his image.

The Pat McAfee Show noted the biggest challenge with a reunion between Fox and Meyer will be sweeping the Big Noon Kickoff crowd of provocative signs that mock the coach’s missteps.

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