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Postgame interviews can go a number of ways. You could get generic coachspeak, you could get an animated player, and you could get an all-timer if you’re lucky. In the case of the interview featuring Fox’s Pam Oliver and Green Bay Packers defensive back Jai Green Bay re Alexander? Well, the results were hilarious.

The Packers came back and beat the Miami Dolphins on a rare chilly day in South Florida. Alexander was crucial in the win and the comeback effort. The star defensive back intercepted quarterback Tua Tagovailoa at the start of the fourth quarter. Green Bay kicked a field goal after Alexander returned it to the 14-yard line. That kickstarted the dramatic comeback for the Packers, one that propped them up to 7-8 on the season.

Their playoff hopes are still alive and Alexander was eager to talk to Fox’s Oliver after the game. Oliver asked him to walk the audience through the play and how he made it happen.

The Packers cornerback got wide-eyed and was ready to go. The interview, courtesy of Dirty Sports, proceeded.


“Oh man, that’s easy. So I’m just lining up, I seen #10 motion over,” Alexander started before he heard a teammate. “A JONES!” Alexander shouted as he grinned, no doubt pointing at running back Aaron Jones. He then continued.

“I seen #10 coming across the field. I said, ‘Oh snap! He fast!’ So I backed off. When I backed off, I seen him coming. He ran right in front of me. I was like, ‘WOW! Is he really overthrowing it?! HUHHH!'” he shouted while he mimed himself catching the ball. “Took it down the sideline, turned up with my guys, gave the football to a little kid wearing 23,” Alexander said, but he wasn’t done quite yet.

“If you celebrating, Merry Christmas! Go enjoy time with your family. We got the dub, baby! Pack is BACK!”

This one will go into the Interview of the Year category, and could be an all-timer.

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