John Smoltz on FS1

Like many other national sports broadcasters, John Smoltz elicits nasty feedback from fans no matter what he says.

The MLB on Fox analyst has his supporters, but his critics sent his name trending on X (formerly Twitter) during Tuesday night’s ALDS Game 3.

Smoltz caught many fans by surprise with a comment early in the game, after the Texas Rangers jumped out to an early 6-0 lead over the Baltimore Orioles on their way to a three-game sweep. Smoltz noted that if the Rangers finished the sweep, it would look like they dominated the O’s, but they really didn’t.

That remark came with the Rangers up 6-0, one game after they jumped out to a 10-4 lead en route to victory.

Later, Smoltz once again seemed to play the apologist for the Orioles’ surprising ALDS collapse, saying, “If they played this series 10 more times the results would be drastically different.”

That seemed to be the main critique of Smoltz, that he appeared to favor Baltimore in the series.

So Smoltz did not fare well on social media during and after the game, as fans took their shots at the former Atlanta Braves star and Hall of Famer. Just like noted MLB analyst Tim McCarver before him, Smoltz has his fans, but there is a vocal contingent who are tired of listening.

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