The beauty of sports talk radio is that it’s live, with hosts reacting to news and headlines in real-time.

Pre-recorded podcasts rarely give the audience that same energy, but Wednesday’s What’s Wright? With Nick Wright was hit with some unprecedented breaking news caught on camera for our enjoyment.

Fox Sports host Nick Wright, who is a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan, was recording his newly-launched podcast when his son shared the surprising news that Tyreek Hill was about to be traded. The cameras kept rolling as Wright checked Twitter for verification of the breaking news.

“I’m not going to sit here and pretend this is good,” Wright said. “This is obviously not good. HOWEVER, this is me, my version of tweeting through it, Tyreek is one of the most unique, special and talented receivers ever, he’s on a Hall of Fame trajectory. I’m not going to deny that.”

Once he came to grips with the fact Hill was on his way out of Kansas City, Wright hilariously ran through a series of emotions. Upset the Chiefs were dealing their top receiving threat, confusion as to why he would spurn KC’s contract offer, worry over the team’s remaining wideouts, and finally, a truly impressive positive spin on the transaction.

“We’ve probably gotten the best out of Tyreek Hill,” Wright admitted. “I’m not thrilled about the idea of paying Tyreek $28 million a year! And lastly, the only arrow people could throw at my guy Mahomes was ‘see him do it without Tyreek Hill.’ OK, well now we’re going to see him do it without Tyreek Hill.”

A few hours later, Wright was on Colin Cowherd’s radio show when the Hill deal to Miami was announced. After learning of Kansas City’s compensation which includes five draft picks, Wright used unwavering optimism to boldly claim “I think they might have gotten better.”

Although he no longer has his own live radio show, Wright still appears to have a knack for being on-air during breaking news moments. Earlier this month, he was on the Dan Patrick Show when news broke that Aaron Rodgers would be returning to Green Bay, a move Wright blasted as “a joke.”

[What’s Right? with Nick Wright]

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