Nick Wright agrees with Cam Newton Credit: First Things First

It looks like Nick Wright has given former NFL MVP Cam Newton the ally in mainstream sports media he’s been dying for.

Despite Newton’s feuds with NFL analysts throughout the season, his take this week that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy is merely the 10th-best player on the team has found a champion on Fox Sports 1’s First Things First.

On Thursday’s show, Wright and the FTF crew broke down how Super Bowl LVIII will be the ultimate test for Purdy in a season full of debate over his talent. And Wright not only agreed with Newton, he brought evidence, listing off the nine San Francisco stars better than Purdy.

“Cam nailed it,” Wright said. “Just like Cam, I’m not saying Brock Purdy’s trash … but [it’s] not unfair.”

Wright’s views on Purdy are no secret. All season, he railed against the narrative that Purdy was the NFL MVP and pushed back on the idea that Purdy was a top QB.

Newton ignited perhaps the fiercest QB debate of the season last fall when he listed Purdy among the NFL’s “game managers” rather than difference-makers.

So perhaps these two being allies should not come as a shock. They are united in their lack of belief in the former Mr. Irrelevant.

However, there is some irony in Newton giving a take that is picked up by big sports studio shows. After all, Newton has made it his mission to give some kind of accountability to NFL media in his first full year doing his 4th and 1 podcast.

The fact that Wright will wholeheartedly concur with Newton’s trollish opinion ties a perfect bow on Newton’s rollercoaster first season giving NFL takes.

[First Things First on Fox Sports 1]

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