Fox's Super Bowl LIV scorebug.

Ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV, Fox revealed that they’d be debuting a new NFL on Fox graphics package. It turns out that involves quite a few changes, from a centered and italicized scorebug to larger fonts (similar to a change ESPN made for Monday Night Football in 2018; MNF has also been somewhat italicized for a while, but went even further that way in 2018) to cartoon graphics for several key players.

Here’s a look at the old package Fox used for the NFC championship game two weekends ago:

Fox's 2020 NFC championship graphics.

And here’s what they used Sunday:

Fox's Super Bowl LIV scorebug.

This also saw changes to the touchdown graphics. Here’s the old one:

Fox's touchdown graphics from the 2020 NFC championship.

And here’s the new one:

Fox Sports' Super Bowl LIV touchdown graphic.

The cartoons seen there were also used for several players throughout:

Fox's cartoon for Jimmy Garoppolo in Super Bowl LIV.

But not for all of them:

And even the announcer introduction graphic was changed:

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