Michael Vick

Michael Vick has come a long way in his life and career and the fact that he just wrapped up his sixth season as an NFL analyst on Fox seems like something impossible to imagine not too long ago.

The former NFL quarterback has thrived in the role and recently talked about how much he’s enjoying the opportunity.

“I love being a broadcaster, I love getting better each and every year and really working at it,” Vick told The Philadelphia Inquirer before Super Bowl LVII. “I want to continue to give my analysis. I love breaking down plays, talking about teams, and making predictions.”

While he might love the job, it comes at a cost in terms of how he’s perceived by current players. The relationship between active players and the media can already be dicey enough, but when that media member is a former player, it adds a layer that can be tough to navigate.

For instance, when he said that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson needed to “put a brace on it” and play through his injury, he caught a lot of flak from his teammates and other NFL players. He also infamously took a lot of heat for saying that Colin Kaepernick would have gotten an NFL job if he cut his hair.

Vick sees his role not as someone who is there to tear down current NFL players but as someone trying to provide guidance given everything he’s been through.

“Sometimes, the guys don’t understand this position. It makes them a little upset,” Vick said. “I try to let them know it’s not coming from a bad place — it’s coming from guys who played at the highest level. So if we’re saying something about you, and we can’t criticize you from afar, who can?

“If I say something about you on TV, it’s not to criticize, but to coach.”

Vick also spent time around Sean Payton this season on the Fox set and it sounds like he’ll miss having the new coach of the Denver Broncos around to learn from.

“I could listen to him talk all day. He drops gems and just understands the game. I think Russell Wilson should be so thankful he has Sean Payton coming,” Vick said. “He knows everything in and out, understands offense, and is an incredible football mind.”

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